Great Western Railway - Cheltenham Flyer

Great Western Railway - Cheltenham Flyer

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Great Western Railway - Cheltenham Flyer (Signed copy)

A A new railway book for boys of all ages

The story of the most famous express train in the world. Hauled by the GWR's powerful Castle Class the Cheltenham Flyer established new records for a scheduled service, covering the Swindon to Paddington run at a blistering average speed of 81.6 mph.

What's inside this signed copy of 'Great Western Railway - Cheltenham Flyer'

Originally published by the GWR in 1934 this book not only celebrates the Flyer's iconic status but also explores the workings of a steam locomotive and the day-to-day practicalities of running the railway. More than just a nostalgic railway book for 'boys of all ages', GWR Cheltenham Flyer is packed with the sort of fascinating detail not found elsewhere and is faithfully reproduced in its entirety in this special facsimile edition.

Illustrated with over 200 photographs and diagrams, it includes a new introduction plus supplement section to bring the topics bang up to date.

GWR Cheltenham Flyer is the companion volume to GWR Track Topics.

'Great Western Railway - Cheltenham Flyer' in detail

Editor: John Christopher (signed)
Publisher: Amberley Publishing 2013
ISBN: 9781445634814
Format: Softback, 256 pages
Size: 198 x 124 mm
Condition: New

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