British Posters Of The First World War

British Posters Of The First World War

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British Posters Of The First World War - Signed copy

“Iconic and memorable... beautifully crafted.” (Britain at War magazine)

During the First World War the authorities emulated the simple slogans and strong graphic imagery of advertising posters to create a form of mass communication that was easily and instantly understood by the British public, in particular the mostly illiterate working class who did more than their share to feed the machinery of war.

'British Posters Of WWI', this is what's inside

For the most part the posters were calls to action, starting with the initial period of voluntary enlistment and leading on to conscription. Psychologically they worked on several levels, appealing to a sense of duty or tapping into feelings of guilt. Patriotic fervour was heightened by the appearance of the Union Jack, the King and, most enduringly perhaps, the iconic image of Lord Kitchener.

In addition, propaganda posters heaped on the pressure with scenes of German atrocities, such as the sinking of the Lusitania and the spectre of Zeppelin raiders over England. Those not directly involved in the fighting were also urged to do their part; women in particular either by sending their men to the front or by working in the munitions factories or on the land.

Even children had a part to play – ‘Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?’ Money for the war effort is another recurring theme, with war savings and bonds, and countless charities appealing for funds to care for the wounded and the war orphans.

'British Posters Of The First World War' is fully illustrated throughout

Author: John Christopher (signed)
Publisher: Amberley Publishing 2015
ISBN: 9781445655260
Format: Softback, 192 pages
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