Balloons At War

Balloons At War

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Balloons At War - Gasbags, Flying Bombs & Cold War Secrets - Signed

"I hope these new mechanic meteors will prove only playthings ... and not be converted into new engines of destruction to the human race." (Horace Walpole, 1785)."

Walpole's words prove to be prophetic. Even before a balloon had left the ground, Joseph Montgolfier had seen a potential use for his new invention in attacking the English at Gibraltar.

What's inside 'Balloons At War'

The first 'air force' was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. The American Civil, Franco-Prussian and First World Wars saw extensive use of balloons, but it was during the Second World War that barrage balloons helped prevent incursions by enemy aircraft and new, ingenious uses were found for balloons, including dropping bombs (by the Japanese against the USA), destroying enemy aircraft, and in many clandestine operations.

'Balloons At War' - The Details

Author: John Christopher (signed)
Publisher: History Press 2004
ISBN: 9780752429953
Format: Softback 224 pages
Size: 247 x 172 mm
Condition: New

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