Bad Alexus - Wireless Speaker
Bad Alexus - Wireless Speaker

Bad Alexus - Wireless Speaker

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Meet the foul-mouthed twin to the well-known bluetooth speaker (you know the one), Alexus! She's angry, rude, and fed up of your questions.

Available in either a British or American accent, she'll answer you with sarcastic witticisms and insults - a great source of entertainment for those who love advanced speakers with a sense of humour and a unique prank gift! But if you want to listen to your tunes uninterrupted, simply switch Alexus to Bluetooth mode and enjoy a dance party. 

Product Specifications:

  • Battery powered or chargeable by USB (up to 6 hours playtime)
  • Armed with 10 mean responses, such as "Kiss my ass!" or "I'm not your bloody slave you know!"