Kong! Or Godzilla? Or Both
Kong! Or Godzilla? Or Both
Kong! Or Godzilla? Or Both

Kong! Or Godzilla? Or Both

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'The Eighth Wonder of the World', and subject of the classic 1933 film King Kong which also starred Fay Wray... 'It was beauty that killed the beast.' Kong is the companion to the Godzilla painting.


Dubbed the 'King of the Monsters', Godzilla first appeared on film in 1954 and soon became a worldwide pop culture icon, appearing in thirty-two films from Japan, plus three Hollywood films and numerous video games, novels, comic books and television shows.


Mixed media on canvas - 0.5m x 0.5m each

How to display your Droids Artworks paintings

Each canvas is fairly light and can be supported on just two screws in the wall. The length of screw protruding from the wall needs to be less than the thickness of the canvas.

Caring for your Kong and Godzilla artwork

It is advisable not to hang the painting of either Kong! or Godzilla or of course both in locations such as conservatories where they may be subjected to prolonged direct sunlight, and not above heat sources such as radiators.

Part of the Droids Artworks Collection