Some Lockdown thoughts from Vance of 496 Vintage

Guest Blog by Vance of 496 Vintage

As one of the concessions at The Malt House Emporium, Ashchurch, I get really excited every time I go in. Not just to see what I’ve sold but also to see what new treasures have been brought in by the other dealers. There’s always such a variety of items – from Toys to Tables, from Paintings to Paddington Bear. You never know what you’re going to find.      

This last week has been no exception. Even in the depths of the latest lockdown, we still go in once a week to sort out click and collect items, to take in new stock and to make sure all the stock is in the best of condition. Also, there’s been some movement of a couple of dealers and it’s always great to get a new neighbour, to talk about what’s selling, what trends they’re seeing etc. Of course, it’s nothing like the buzz you get when ‘The Malt’ is packed with customers but it’s nice to see the friendly faces of the team (even behind the masks!).


It’s been pretty clear throughout all the lockdowns that people are looking to re-shape or re-imagine their home space and they’re always looking for that special item. The great thing about The Malt House is that there is a huge range of very different yet complementary products.    

As you might expect there’s been a huge interest in storage since the New Year and a number of large wooden trunks have been sold as customers look for somewhere to put all their Christmas presents! Seating is always popular, and I try to keep a number of classic design or unusual, one-off items in stock. Of course, I’m always happy to search for an item for you if I haven’t got it.


We’re adding new items to the web site all of the time and we’re planning on going ‘live’ on Facebook every week to bring you the very latest on new products, new dealers, promotions etc. We’re also going to be sharing videos with you that will show in detail the different types of products that we stock.


If you don’t follow The Malt House Emporium or 496 Vintage on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you sign up – there’s always something new to see.

So, until we can see you in person again, stay safe and I look forward to finding even more different and exciting products for you in 2021.

You may recognise Vance from our video's we publish - such as mini tours and chats with concessions.  You can find Vance' concession space on the ground floor near the till point. Full of unique and unusual items, usually vintage, and also available on the website here