Macrameology - New Concession joins the team

Macrameology by Liv

Ever since a tot, I have always consumed myself with craft projects. I find something so therapeutic in throwing myself into learning new techniques. Anything art and crafts and I am there!

I came across macrame by sheer fluke when a friend had a go at making a plant holder as a Christmas present. In true craft envy style I had to have a go myself. Since then I can not get enough. Every piece that I make, is fuelled with time, passion and effort to make it perfect and then I'm straight onto the next item.
Macrame is a technique or method of crafting a textile that uses several knots to form the basic shape and function of the piece. Each knot can be created with your hands, and there are no other tools required other than a mounting ring to keep the item in place while you work. 
Originating from Arabic countries, weavers used many knotting techniques to finish edging on tapestries, rugs and fringed shawls. These were then distributed throught Europe and from there people started experimenting with knotting as a pastime. By the 17th century these techniques had reached England and with guidance from Queen Mary ll, ladies in waiting were taught the skills needed to create pieces of their own. Not only popular with the queen, macrame was used by sailors for practical uses as well as overcoming boredom. Once docked, they would trade their masterpieces to make extra money. Eventually the Victorians were knotting textiles right through the 18th and 19th century, until machines started to take over.
Finally getting a comeback in the 60's, men and women have been knotting until the 80's when it quickly fell out of fashion.

Now, in 2021 it has made a swift return and I'm not the only one who can see the beauty in knotting yarns to create magical masterpieces to fill your home with wow!


You can follow Liv on instagram here.  Liv will have her own concession within the Malt House Emporium soon and her products will be on our website imminently so keep coming back to view her amazing designs here.