Is Vance Stalking Drew Pritchard?...No, but he has bumped into him often


What got you into Antiques and Vintage?


Over the years, I’ve been asked this so many times and there are two key answers.

Firstly, when we bought an old barn, I needed to find items to decorate the house and garden that were in keeping with the style and location of the property. The more I looked for things, the more that I enjoyed it and it became a regular weekend pastime.

Secondly and almost around the same time as I started searching for items, I started watching ‘Salvage Hunters’ and it really inspired me to look further afield, to dig a bit deeper and to start going to flea fairs and auctions –things that I now just adore doing.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to bump into Drew Pritchard on a number of occasions and I have always found him to be polite, open, generous with his time and very encouraging. The last time that I met him was at his new store in Conwy, which if you haven’t already been, I would absolutely recommend to you once we’re out of all the lock down restrictions.

Drew recommends that you always “buy what you like” – something that I have always done. I love what I do, and I love the things that I buy. I’m delighted when you buy them, and they go to someone else that will enjoy and appreciate them.


I hope that you enjoy browsing through my selections in 496 Vintage and all the other great items at