Fiona Dimond - Vintage Clothing

Guest Blog by Fiona Dimond 

I have been buying vintage clothes since I was a teenager, a long time ago now. I loved the colours and prints of the fabrics, the clothes were so well made and the styles always seemed more flattering. Nobody else had the same outfit and it was great just being a little bit alternative.

Nowadays vintage is more popular than ever, men’s and women’s. There are advantages too. Buying vintage clothes is far more environmentally friendly, much cheaper and just more interesting than shopping on the high street. You will also end up with some fabulous and unique outfits. All eras are in at the moment, including the 70’s midi length and shape for dresses and skirts, the 80’s military style for blouses and jackets and the 90’s sportswear look.

Mix and match old with new; an oversized 80’s sweater with a new pair of cords; a 90’s track jacket with new jeans. You can mix up eras too; an 80’s jumper or blouse looks great with a 70’s midi skirt; a 60’s skinny rib can be tucked into 90’s jeans. Wearing a vintage brooch, hat or scarf is a great way to make your outfit look a little bit different. It’s basically up to you. Enjoy being creative and here’s to vintage.

Fiona's collection of Vintage clothing can be found in store at the Malt House Emporium. With two huge spaces full of a wide range of clothing and accessories its a great source of truly vintage wear for both men and women.

 Watch Fi on the video below as she chats about the products she offers in store: