Meet Paul Thomas - Strummers

Guest Blog by Paul Thomas – Strummers Guitars

I first got into guitars when I was a toddler and my teenage uncles laid an ancient instrument on the floor for me to experiment with. From then on, whenever I went to my grandparents’ house, I would spend hours with that guitar and I remember vividly the sound and feel of the strings as they twanged and shivered.

By the age of seven, I had managed to persuade my parents to buy me a guitar of my own and once they saw that it wasn’t just a passing phase, they arranged guitar lessons for me. I continued with these for a few years and got pretty good. However, when my teacher moved me up into an advanced group of adults, my confidence was quickly eroded and my guitar gathered dust in the wardrobe for a number of years.

In 1977, punk rock exploded onto the music scene just as I was getting into rock music. The DIY ethic and have-a-go attitude of punk encouraged me to drag out my old guitar and bash out some of the chords that I could remember. I saved and saved for an electric guitar and was soon forming groups with friends from school.

Ever since that time, I have maintained my interest in guitars and am usually involved in some group or project with other musicians. A couple of years ago, encouraged by my wife, I decided to turn my passion for guitars into a business and Strummers was born.

Strummers has been trading at the Malt House since early 2019 and during that time we have sold lots of interesting guitars to lots of interesting people. We concentrate on vintage, collectable and retro guitars and always have a good selection of both acoustic and electric instruments. Customers are welcome to spend as long as they like trying out the guitars and we are always happy to provide help and advice.

The Malt House is a great place to trade as it attracts such a wide range of people and is just such a fun and fascinating place to be. We look forward to selling guitars there for many years to come and to turning customers into friends.

Our website is always up to date so pop over and browse through our guitars or read more about us Strummers


Best wishes, Paul