The Race For Hitler’s X-Planes

The Race For Hitler’s X-Planes

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The Race For Hitler’s X-Planes - Signed copy

Britain’s 1945 Mission To Capture Secret Luftwaffe Technology

During World War 2, Hitler’s engineers had pioneered an incredible array of futuristic secret weapons, from the Me 262, the first operational jet fighter, to the deadly V2 intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Race for Hitler’s X- Planes tells the untold story of the British mission to Germany

With the Third Reich shattered and lying in ruins in 1945, the Allies launched a frantic race to grab what they saw as the justifiable spoils of war. The Americans and Russians in particular were anxious to secure not only the aircraft and the research and production facilities, but also the key German scientists and engineers. This Nazi technology would define the balance of power in the phoney peace of the Cold War era, launching an arms race that shaped our modern world for decades to come.

But what of Britain’s role in this supermarket sweep? This book covers various aspects of the new jet age as well as strides being made with pistons and props, the dispersal of production including the hellish conditions of the enforced labourers, Hitler’s first generation of smart bombs, and the increasing ingenuity reflecting the desperation to turn the tide of war.

It concludes with the captured aircraft, the fate of the tons of secret material and the mixed fortunes of the German engineers and scientists.

'The Race For Hitler’s X-Planes' in detail

Author: John Christopher (signed)
Publisher: The History Press 2013
ISBN: 9780752464572
Format: Hardback, 226 pages
Size: 265 x 175 mm
Condition: New

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