Second World War Newspaper Poster

Second World War Newspaper Poster

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About this poster

This poster from the Daily Sketch (British tabloid newspaper founded 1909) celebrates an alleged British success in the unsuccessful 1939/40 campaign in Norway.

-After the Allies failed to prevent the German occupation of Norway, the Commons held an open debate from 7 to 9 May on the government's conduct of the war. This has come to be known as the Norway Debate and is renowned as one of the most significant events in parliamentary history.On the second day (Wednesday, 8 May), the Labour opposition called for a division which was in effect a vote of no confidence in Chamberlain's government. There was considerable support for Churchill on both sides of the House but, as a member of the government, he was obliged to speak on its behalf. He was called upon to wind up the debate, which placed him in the difficult position of having to defend the government without damaging his own prestige. Although the government won the vote, its majority was drastically reduced amid calls for a national government to be formed.

Why we love this artwork

This comes from a time which seems unimaginable now that we take instant communication for granted. newspapers ruled the world and their word was gospel. These new-hoarding posters are in good condition and show some colour during what we very dark times

How to style these prints

These would look great in a study environment or as a contrast in a neutral coloured room.


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