Mosaic Bird Feeder
Mosaic Bird Feeder

Mosaic Bird Feeder

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A wonderful way to attract wildlife to your garden!

Add some truly joyful character to your outdoor space with this glazed ceramic bird feeder, featuring a mosaic pattern and two affectionate little birds.

The best of both worlds

Not only is this a fantastic addition for garden wildlife, but it is also a stunning ornamental feature on its own! This dish can be used as a feeding station by simply adding bird food to the dish. Alternatively, add some shallow water to create a calming bathing station for the birds.

Keep local wildlife fed!

Small seeds such as sunflower hearts are well loved by small and large birds alike, and have many of the nutrients birds need all year round. You can also buy dried mealworms which are ideal for insect-eating birds, or lard cakes which are high in fat and great for feeding birds in winter. 

Dimensions: 22.5cm x 19cm x 9.5cm.