Knitted Gonks (6 Pack)

Knitted Gonks (6 Pack)

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These delightful knitted little gonks, that come in brown, red, and grey and mimic the merry figure of Santa Clause, are perfect for placing around your house or around your Christmas tree, and they are the cutest festive gift to give to someone you love! 

Gonks spring from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology surrounding gnomes, and eventually became associated with Christmas and the holiday spirit - they are said to protect your household and bring good fortune, so keep a few around and add a true sense of magic to your holidays!

Here are a few ideas of how to style them:

- Place them on the tree as whimsical and fun decorations.  

- Put them on your dining table, ready for Christmas dinner and family games.

- Cosy up your bedroom by adding a few of our other festive ornaments and the little gonks to a corner of your room. 

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