Japandi Birdhouse
Japandi Birdhouse

Japandi Birdhouse

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Beautifully bamboo

Create a cosy home or shelter for your bird friends with our charming and contemporary bamboo bird house. Completed with natural rope for easy hanging (but can be wall mounted by using screws) neutral wooden features, and a little bird statue sitting on top to finish. Made from agricultural waste and blended with resin. Available in grey and natural cream colour.

Play your part!

By putting up nesting boxes such as this, it replicates a bird natural nesting preferences - you can encourage them to breed near your home!

Our birdhouse is well-suited to a host of birds: the great tit, blue tit, pied flycatcher, house sparrow, tree sparrow, coal tit and crested tit. Simply hang the birdhouse outside by the rope or wall fixing (not too low so no four-legged pets can get to it), and sit back and watch as the beautiful birds come and go!

Dimensions: 12cm x 16cm x 14cm.