Chocolate Orange Tin Candle
Chocolate Orange Tin Candle

Chocolate Orange Tin Candle

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What is the item?

A hand-poured vegan candle in a gold metal tin from Bomb Cosmetics. With a mouth watering Chocolate Orange fragrance, this attractive candle will bring a rich and sweet fragrance to any room.

Why do you need the item?

This colourful tin candle makes a perfect gift for anyone no matter the occasion. Bomb Cosmetics' candles are all handmade, vegan and cruelty-free and packed with essential oils for a great fragrance. The small tins are ideal for stocking fillers or smaller gifts. 

Where can you use the item?

Light a few of these candles and dim the lights for a relaxing bath, or use one in the kitchen to freshen up and mask odours. The bright tins also make a beautiful display wherever you place them.

Warning: Candles will become hot during use, keep away from children and do not leave candles unattended.

dimensions H6.5cm, W 7.5cm, D 7.5cm