Annabell Duke Eco-Strip
Annabell Duke Eco-Strip

Annabell Duke Eco-Strip

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Paint, varnish, and wax remover

Advanced technology means this 500ml pot of eco-strip can get rid of paint, varnish, and wax! Suitable for home use DIY enthusiasts and also for large commercial applications. Perfect alternative to traditional chlorine based products.

Eco-strip is a revolutionary paint stripper safer for both the user and environment

Less volatile than conventional paint strippers. Safer, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-flammable, non-caustic, and no fumes. Thickened solution meaning is suitable for vertical surfaces, and easy to use.

Application: apply eco-strip generously onto painted areas. Process starts after 20-30 minutes dependent on paint type. Allow the paint to blister or soften, and remove the softened paint by rinsing or scraping. The time to soften depends on paint type and thickness. Should any paint remain, simply repeat the process. Wash down and allow to dry thoroughly before repainting. 

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