Annabell Duke Clear Coat Sealer

Annabell Duke Clear Coat Sealer

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Tough, non-yellowing, and durable clear coat sealer in 250ml

A finishing protection laquar for when you need that bit of extra protection! Our unique and tough formula is scuff and moisture resistant and can be used internally and externally.

High performance, quick dry sealing formula

Manufactured from high quality ingredients and tough acrylic resin with enhanced moisture resisting properties. Seals painted surfaces on timber, wood, paneling, metal, ceramic and glazed tiles, doors, trim and windows, and any surface that requires extra added protection.

Surface preparation: remove any loose or flaky paint, ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust. Surfaces should be suitably prepared before application. Rub down previously painted surfaces with adhesive paper for best results.

Application: ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contaminates. Simple and quick to use. Stir well before use. Apply one full coat with a brush or roller of your choice.


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