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Elephant Sculpture


A very pretty elephant sculpture. It has gorgeous intricate mandala carvings all over is body.


He has been treated for outdoors, so would look lovely in a garden/on a patio but also inside in the lounge/kitchen/bathroom. Brings a very relaxed, chilled vibe to any space. 


Measures approx:

Height - 32cm

Length - 42cm

Depth - 18cm


This item is made of MGO. 


Here is a description of what MGO is:

Magnesium Oxide (or Magnesia) is a material which is being increasingly used within construction.  Magnesia is a versatile mineral which can be used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels and cured. 

MGO Board is a more environmentally-friendly material than some other more traditional building materials.  The production of MgO is energy efficient and produces few greenhouse gases.  This is a potential factor in the increasing popularity of the material.


Price: 44.99 Postage: £6.50

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