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Buddha Head


A stunning garden feature of a grey, highly detailed buddha head. 


It is a lovely, bohemian ornament to add to a garden/patio, or could also be added to a lounge/kitchen/mantel piece.


It is highly detailed, please see photos for all the different carvings and details. 


Measures approx:

Height - 85cm

Width - 57cm

Depth - 40cm


This item is weather proof and has been treated for outdoors. It's not too heavy, so easy to transport to different locations. 


This item is made of MGO. 


Here is a description of what MGO is:

Magnesium Oxide (or Magnesia) is a material which is being increasingly used within construction.  Magnesia is a versatile mineral which can be used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels and cured. 

MGO Board is a more environmentally-friendly material than some other more traditional building materials.  The production of MgO is energy efficient and produces few greenhouse gases.  This is a potential factor in the increasing popularity of the material.


This item is Click and Collect only due to size.  Local doorstep delivery possible please contact us.

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